A proactive approach to Scoliosis Care

Imagine a world where scoliosis care knows no boundaries

Are you struggling to treat your child’s scoliosis?

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Your back specialist is far away

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You don't want to wait 6 months to get answers

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You're getting conflicting information

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The curve is getting worse despite treatment

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Don't know what to believe online

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Afraid your child is going to have lifelong issues

Scoliosis doesn’t have to define your child’s life. Become a National Scoliosis Clinic member so your child can beat scoliosis without surgery or lifelong back pain.

Meet Your Guides

“After years of  treating idiopathic adolescent scoliosis patients, I realized that parents needed a second set of eyes, and ongoing resources and education in between our visits. This realization gave birth to the National Scoliosis Clinic.”
-Dr. John Vorhies, Pediatric Spine Surgeon, Stanford University

Dr. John Vorhies

Pediatric Spine Surgeon
Stanford University

Dr. Michael Gardner

Co-founder, National Scoliosis Clinic, Professor, Orthopaedic Surgery, Stanford University

What you get with the National Scoliosis Clinic Membership

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Weekly Office Hours

Weekly question and answer sessions with different experts in the Scoliosis field: Orthotists, Schroth Physical Therapists, and Spine Surgeons. Upcoming sessions include Dr. John Vorhies, Pediatric Spine Surgeon at Stanford University and Janise Alcantara, Physical Therapist specializing in PSSE, including Schroth methodology.

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1:1 Consults With Orthotists

Learn more about bracing, your options with bracing, what braces get the best outcome and more. These are scheduled to fit your availability.

National Scoliosis Clinic - Orthotist Consult

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Includes up-to-date research on Scoliosis, including recent data on bracing, exercise interventions and more!

Mother and daughter at home talking to her doctor on a video call - telemedicine concepts

Coming Soon

Scoliosis Assessment App

The NSC is further revolutionizing scoliosis care and detection by developing AI-enabled scanning technology validated by our founders at Stanford University. This non-invasive and radiation-free technology could soon bring the ability to screen for and monitor scoliosis to patients’ homes.

*Currently pending FDA approval

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