The National Scoliosis Clinic Approach

Who is the National Scoliosis Clinic For?

The NSC is available for those who want more oversight of their condition by healthcare professionals trained to treat scoliosis. Visits are conducted virtually at the convenience of the patients. The expectation is that patients will be monitored by their NSC team until they are 16 years old, or reach skeletal maturity. As their condition changes, the clinicians at NSC are available to make recommendations for treatment to prevent the worsening of the patient’s spinal curve.

What to expect during your appointment

The visit will include a comprehensive review of the patient’s medical history, a virtual physical exam, a review of data (either from x-ray or 3D scan with the Scoliosis Assessment application when available), education on the natural history and progression of scoliosis, risk factors, and coordination of any necessary treatments. Patients will also be asked for their consent to be treated remotely (via telemedicine).