National Scoliosis Membership

A one stop shop for your child’s scoliosis care

Starter Membership

$9.95 / month

Scolio-Pilates® video library, Bracing consultations, and Weekly office hours with spine surgeons, Schroth and other scoliosis exercise specialists, bracing experts, and past patients.

Premium Membership

$89 / month

Everything in starter plus telemedicine visit with Scoliosis trained physicians once every 6 months to monitor progress, write orders for x-rays, braces and provide advice on next steps.

Mother and daughter at home talking to her doctor on a video call - telemedicine concepts

Starter Membership

$9.95 per month (cancel anytime)

  • Access to a Scolio-Pilates® video library to reduce symptoms and build strength to prevent further curvature
  • Weekly office hour sessions with Schroth Physical Therapists and other scoliosis exercise professionals, Spine Surgeons, former Scoliosis patients and more to guide you on you and your child’s journey
  • Access to Bracing Consultations with expert brace-makers to determine if a brace is right for you
  • Membership resources, including the latest research and a parent guide to help you get started with Scoliosis care.

Starter Membership Is Great for…

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You have established care with a physician, but want to do more to prevent disease progression

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Frequently have questions, and want access to experts to quickly get answers

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You already know your Cobb Angle, have gotten X-rays, talked to a doctor and know what to do next

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You've had a spinal fusion and you're wondering if you can do more to strengthen your spine and mitigate symptoms

Premium Membership

$89 per month

  • Everything from the Basic Membership!
  • PLUS Consults with Scoliosis trained physicians once every 6 months to monitor progress, write orders for X-rays, braces and provide advice on next steps.
Mother and daughter attending a telemedicine visit

Premium Membership Is Great for…

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You suspect Scoliosis may be a diagnosis, but want to work with a physician to find out more

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Access to a physician is difficult due to travel or scheduling conflicts

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You have talked to your pediatrician, and they recommended you see a Scoliosis expert, but there's no one in your area

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You want a second opinion on what your X-rays or other tests mean and how those results should be interpreted

Member FAQs

Can I cancel at any time?

Yes, you can cancel at any time. 

How do the weekly office hour sessions work?

The weekly community office hours sessions are scheduled with Scoliosis providers who attend weekly Zoom calls to answer your questions. These sessions are not recorded and are meant to provide access to get your general questions answered. Our providers on these Q&A sessions can’t provide medical advice.

Can your physicians provide orders for medical treatment?

Yes, our physicians can provide orders for X-rays, Orthotists (brace-makers), Physical Therapy, Surgery Consults and more. 

Do you have a support team if I run into technical difficulties?

Yes, if  you encounter technical difficulties, we will assist with technical support. You can reach our support team by using the support form provided in the membership portal.

Are you adding more features and functionality to the product?

Yes, we take your feedback seriously and use your feedback to inform where we may add additional features. We are currently exploring a few ideas, and will include these in the membership when they are ready for launch.

Will my insurance cover this?

The NSC currently operates a cash-pay-only model. Patients may submit their visit summary and other appropriate information to their insurance provider however the National Scoliosis Condition does not guarantee that these visits will be reimbursed.

Appointment types include:

  • 30 min session for new patients or for extended follow-up visits
    • $89 cost for 30 min appointments
  • 15-minute follow-up session (not for new patients)
    • $49 cost